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Our Inclusive Designers Podcast explores the human condition through design. We examine the biology, psychology, and sociology of spaces and how it relates to the built environment. We have guest designers join us to discuss projects they have worked on; including the design challenges, implications and solutions. We also provide supplementary and relevant information to help listeners with their own projects and situations. And we have a long list of future segments planned, which will include… best practices for Urban Design, Student Project Spotlights, and profiles of Best Products … to name just a few. (Click here to see the list.)

This podcast provides a forum for designers to connect and share their knowledge on the advances for certain living conditions. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast and exploring the accompanying information on our web pages. If you like what we are providing, please help us by sponsoring our future episodes so we can continue to share the incredible work being done in this ever-changing field. Here is the Patreon link:

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We’ve just added a ‘GoFundMe’ Page to help with funding so we can continue to spread the word on the importance of Inclusive Design. We need to make our website robust to incorporate and engage our audience. We hope to be a clearinghouse of information of this emerging field for our built environments to other designers, architects, teachers, and students (and anyone else that might need this information).

Our ‘Inclusive Designers’ Podcast is a collaborative forum for designers to share creative ideas for different human conditions. Advocacy, student showcases, and of course design, are all included in these podcasts. Chronic health conditions and social determinants of health can influence the way a person is treated and how they see themselves.

Designing with dignity can positively impact an individual and a community. Money donated will help fund these programs to continue this effort. Carolyn and I are grateful that you stopped by.